Logitech USB Camera (Pro for Notebooks)

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Windows 98 10.11.2007
Windows 2000 10.11.2007
Windows XP 13.25.1014.0 03.31.2011
Windows XP x64 11.70.1193.0 03.24.2009
Windows Vista 13.25.1014.0 03.31.2011
Windows Vista x64 13.25.1014.0 03.31.2011
Windows 7 13.25.1014.0 03.31.2011
Windows 7 x64 13.25.1014.0 03.31.2011
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Logitech webcam driver and software with Vid HD (an easy way to make video calls with your Logitech webcam). If you have previously installed a prior version of QuickCam software (i.e. the version which came on CD with your new camera), it is suggested that you completely uninstall it before installing this new version.